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How to Find Trusted Advisors for Your Healthcare Business


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Answer a few questions about the services you need, then we match you with the right type of trusted advisors who can assist you with your questions.

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Tell us where you want the services to be performed so we can get you the right advisors at the right location.

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Review the matches you received and reach out to them directly through Perla.  Advisors will receive your email communication directly in their email box. We will email you when they accept/decline your project.

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Curated Recommendations

Perla only permits verified users who have healthcare industry backgrounds to leave reviews for advisors. The process ensures that best and most relevant review information is available to users of the site about each advisor to make the process of selecting a desired adviser easier.

Trusted Advisors

We created Perla to make it easy for healthcare professionals and businesses to find trusted and qualified advisors. We screen advisors to ensure they have experience in healthcare industry consulting, verify their professional licenses (if applicable), and check their online customer reviews. Advisors who are "Verified by Perla" are those with 5+ years of experience in healthcare consulting, excellent online reviews and clean licenses, when the profession requires licensing.

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