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How it works

How to Sign Up as an Advisor for Free


Review Benefits & Pricing

It is free to join Perla. No subscription or hidden fees.  You have total control over your costs and can accept or decline any lead that you receive.  Your credit card is never charged unless you expressly “accept” a lead that we sent you.

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Submit a Free Application

You have to be a healthcare advisor to join Perla. So before you can access your free Perla dashboard, we ask you to apply for a quick background review by providing your name, email and business address. We will make sure you have the proper service offerings and get back to you by email within 24 hours.

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Register & Start Getting Qualified Leads

That’s it! Once your application is approved, you can register your services and start getting qualified client leads.

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Total Control Over You Budget

We know how frustrating it is to have no control over your marketing budget or have to pay fees for marketing that does not work. That is why, at Perla, we give you total control over your lead costs. This means, you can choose to purchase one lead at a time, or set up a monthly budget to automatically purchase leads up to the limits of your budget. Regardless of which method you use to purchase leads, everytime you accept a lead, we immediately send an email to your prospective client letting them know that you will contact them.  There are no monthly fees or subscriptions with Perla.

Verified by Perla

Advisors with +5 years of experience in healthcare, great online reviews and clean licenses (if applicable), will automatically get a Verified by Perla designation.  Becoming a Verified by Perla advisor is free and can greatly enhance your chances of matching and converting leads.  If you think you qualify to be verified, and you already have your dashboard, just send us an email at with the subject “Verified by Perla” to evaluate your profile.

Perla Advisors

Grow Your Business

Build a successful business with continuous qualified client leads from the healthcare industry.

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