Pricing & Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions about Benefits and Pricing

Is there a subscription fee to join Perla?

No. It is free to join Perla as an advisor. There are no subscription fees or other hidden fees.

How do I get charged for leads?

You are only charged a fee when you expressly “Accept” a lead. Once you accept your first lead, Perla will ask for your Credit Card information. Your Credit Card information will be saved with Stripe, which is a third-party credit card processing system. Perla does not collect or store your payment information.

What is a lead and what is a lead fee?

Everytime a prospective client sends you an email, a lead is generated. Perla charges you for the lead. Prices of leads may vary depending on the industry and the quality of the lead.

Are there other charges or hidden fees beside a lead fee?

The only fee Perla will charge you is a lead fee. There are no other charges or hidden fees.

Can I change my Credit Card Information?

Yes. From your dashboard, under “My Account” you can select “Budget & Payment” and then “View History & Payment details” to change your payment information and see your invoices.

What if I have a question about my bill?

If you have any questions about your bill, you can email us at with the Subject “Billing Questions”. Please provide a phone number so we can reach you if we cannot resolve your problem with email.

How do I “Accept” leads?

Each lead includes “Accept” and “Decline” buttons. Once you review the lead qualifications, you can either accept or decline the lead. You are only charged for a lead when you “Accept” and confirm your selection.

What happens after I “Accept” a lead?

Once you “Accept” a lead, we will provide you the name, phone number and email address of the lead requestor. Also, as soon as you accept the lead, Perla will send an email to the lead requestor that you have accepted their request and will contact them shortly. We suggest contacting the lead requestor as soon as practicable.

What happens if I “Decline” a lead?

If you “Decline” a lead, we will generate an email to the lead generator to let them know that you did not accept their lead request for one of the following reasons: (a) Advisor is not accepting any leads at time; (b) Advisor is no longer providing the services requested; or (c) Advisor’s budget is not sufficient to receive leads.

What happens if I do not “Accept” or “Decline” a lead?

We suggest that you either “Accept” or "Decline" leads as soon as possible, especially for leads which require urgent assistance. If you neither “Accept” or “Decline” leads, the user has the option to search for and send additional leads to other Advisors.

Is there a timeline to “Accept” leads?

There are no timelines to “Accept” leads. However, the sooner you can “Accept” and contact the lead, the higher your chances of closing or converting the lead.

What are qualified leads?

We qualify each lead with 10 quality parameters such as client budget, business size, authority to purchase, source, etc. and tell you the cost of the lead. You may use these parameters to evaluate the leads to make sure the lead quality meets your marketing needs. You can review, accept and purchase leads that help you succeed and meet your marketing budget.