Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts To Gain More Healthcare Leads

Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts To Gain More Healthcare Leads

Have you heard that email marketing is dead? It couldn’t be further than the truth, and that misconception can be harmful to the success of your marketing efforts.

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 In fact, the healthcare industry can see an ROI of approximately 251% if done correctly. 

Email marketing is a great way of staying on top of mind with not only your existing clients but also your prospects, especially if you work with clients that have a long decision-making cycle. 

Even though the ROI of email marketing can be very profitable, it’s also easy to make mistakes that might actually hinder you from seeing the true potential of your profits and retaining your prospects. 

So, what are you supposed to do with your email marketing efforts? 

Segment and Prioritize Your Target Physicians 

Understanding and knowing who your ideal customer is will save you time and money throughout your marketing efforts. When you segment your email lists between the type of physicians or practices you want to target you will be able to customize your content accordingly.

Personalized mass email technology like Campaign Monitor makes it easy to opt for email content that prioritizes quantity and broader application over relevance and specificity of content for each recipient. 

Create content for each segment based on what is most important and relevant to your segmented physicians, structuring your email around topics as they pertain to your product, service, or expertise.

Even if the topic is the same across multiple targeted segments, the content should be customized to be highly specific and relevant for each segment. If your email feels like nonspecific mass marketing, there’s almost no chance of making any impressions, let alone conversions. It’ll be a waste of your time and money. 

Segment your targets thoughtfully by one or more of the following criteria depending on your products and services:

  • Specialty
  • Special Training
  • Skills & Expertise
  • Known Areas of Interest
  • Geographic Location
  • Other Relevant Criteria

Your Email May Be Screened by a Member of the Physician’s Staff

While your target is the physician, your email needs to be written with the understanding that the physician may not be the first to read it. It’s not uncommon for busy physicians to assign a trusted staff member to screen their emails and delete everything that appears unimportant, irrelevant, or reads like a sales pitch.

That means you have an extra barrier standing in your way, and writing strong email subject lines and intros are critical for your emails to be one of the few that don’t end up in the trash. 

To get your email past any screening members of the physician’s staff, use the following techniques:

➤ Create email content that feels like a personal, one-to-one communication with that physician. This requires more than simply inserting the physician’s name in the email. 

Here is where segmenting your email lists by specialty, special skills/expertise, or areas of known interest can make all the difference in having your email forwarded to and read by the physician if it’s being screened.

➤ Avoid promotional or salesy subject lines. Use subject lines that emphasize important clinical, technological, or regulatory topics. Breakthrough topics can be particularly effective in subject lines, as well as the inclusion of recent, relevant data.

➤ Include time-sensitive response requests whenever possible, but be careful about overusing time-sensitive text in your subject line.

Get Straight To the Point 

Physicians don’t have time or interest in reading long emails. Get to the point, and keep your message brief and relevant. 

While you need to keep your emails concise, that does not mean you cannot influence your email recipient to learn more about your product or service.

If you have more to say, use links to drive email recipients to longer, detail-oriented content hosted on your website.

Including relevant and compelling links within your email allows the physician to choose whether or not they want to get more information, without feeling as though they’re being berated with more content than they want to absorb.

Below are just a few areas we recommend linking to in your email content:

  • Landing pages on your website
  • Special reports from partners
  • Relevant blog content
  • Case studies
  • Newsletter sign-up forms
  • Surveys

Do Better Marketing with Perla 

The digital marketplace is chaotic and cluttered with Advisors and Professionals searching for one another. Time is sensitive for both parties, and they need to be able to find qualified prospects for their needs quickly. That’s where Perla comes in. 

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Healthcare Professionals and entities can spend less of their valuable and limited time searching for support specialists, and Healthcare Advisors can avoid the pains of unqualified leads that result in disappointment. 

The result? More time to carry out functions that actually relate to their businesses.

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