Meet Perla: Where Healthcare Businesses Find Qualified Service Professionals

Meet Perla: Where Healthcare Businesses Find Qualified Service Professionals

There’s a way to bridge the disconnect between healthcare professionals and entities, and the healthcare support specialists they’re searching for. In turn, the healthcare support specialists can reduce their sales timelines and acquisition costs. 

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The healthcare industry is under increasing pressure, facing staff shortages and professional burnout, especially with the pandemic’s lasting effects on the industry. 

This burnout and pressure make it hard for healthcare professionals and entities to carry out efforts outside of their practice. They’re already pushed to the brink in terms of bandwidth, so sifting through their networks to find advisors and support solutions seems like a nearly impossible task. 

Healthcare support businesses and advisors face similar challenges. Their prospects are stressed out, pushed to the limit, and don’t know exactly where to look. Further, the crowded digital marketing landscape is only getting more cramped, so it’s increasingly difficult to find qualified leads from healthcare professionals and entities.

However, this burnout can be addressed for both parties at once. There’s a way to bridge the disconnect between healthcare professionals and entities, and the healthcare support specialists they’re searching for. In turn, the healthcare support specialists can reduce their sales timelines and acquisition costs. 

This way forward is called Perla—a private networking platform that connects healthcare professionals and entities DIRECTLY with healthcare support businesses that have expertise in their specialty. 

Keep reading to learn more about Perla, how it works, and how your organization can benefit from it.

What is Perla?

Perla is a B2B internet matching platform designed to connect healthcare professionals and entities to trusted and vetted advisors and consultants who have specializations in the healthcare industry. 

Essentially, Perla narrows the search efforts of both healthcare professionals/entities AND healthcare support businesses. Using the platform, they’ll be able to find each other faster, easier, and cheaper than with traditional networking and marketing efforts. As mentioned, Perla addresses both sides of the disconnect to help reduce the pain of burnout while searching for consultants or client leads.

  • Healthcare providers: Perla allows healthcare professionals and entities to search for, identify, and contact trusted, vetted, and verified advisors in five easy steps.
  • Healthcare advisors: Perla allows advisors to receive qualified, quality business leads directly and only from healthcare businesses and professionals seeking their expertise. 

The Problem 

Perla’s founders noticed that there was a huge divide between qualified advisors and healthcare businesses due to the oversaturation of digital advertising and marketing in the healthcare industry. 

On the advisor side of the problem, most of the digital content and advertising out there was directed towards potential patients rather than towards healthcare professionals, overshadowing the efforts of advisors and consultants resulting in wasted time and money.

On the other hand, healthcare professionals and entities were chasing down businesses that didn’t have the specialty or expertise to help them. 

Both parties were headed in the right direction, but they were off course and were never bound to intersect each other in the first place. That’s when Perla was brought to life.

The Solution

Think of it like this: both sides (healthcare providers and consultants) were building out their networks, getting leads, and putting themselves out there, but were only creating complicated webs of communication that resulted in a jumbled mess of unqualified leads and poor results for everyone involved. Perla straightened and narrowed both sides’ networking webs, creating a streamlined avenue towards connection in the middle. 

What does this mean? Healthcare providers can spend less time searching for advisors, and advisors can spend less time and money trying to get qualified leads for their business. 

Powered by intelligent matching, Perla allows both sides to cut through the noise. 

Perla’s Services 

What are the individual aspects of Perla’s platform? What services does it provide, and how do they each benefit both advisors and providers? Let’s dive in. 

Healthcare professionals and entities:

  • FREE Pre-Vetted Matching Services for Approved Healthcare Provider Organizations: Healthcare entities and professionals searching for advisors don’t have to pay for Perla’s matching services if they’re part of an approved association. To see if your healthcare organization is one of them, visit our website!

Healthcare advisors and support businesses:

  • Direct-to-Provider Digital Marketing Services: Perla’s network promotes healthcare advisor profiles DIRECTLY to healthcare professionals and entities after matching for services and expertise on a pay-per-click basis. See how it works on our website!
  • Quality Lead Generation: Perla’s intelligent matching generates qualified marketing leads for advisor members on a pay-per-lead basis. Your business will only be receiving leads for healthcare professionals and entities that are searching for your unique offerings.

Perla Can Help Ease the Effects of Networking & Marketing Burnout in the Healthcare Industry

There’s increased pressure on healthcare professionals and entities, along with the advisors and consultants that support them. Both parties have less time to find each other, and face a crowded digital marketplace that’s cluttered with traffic. 

Perla bridges the divide between advisors and providers, allowing them to directly see each other across the crowded digital landscape. 

Healthcare professionals and entities can spend less of their valuable and limited time searching for support specialists, and healthcare advisors can avoid the pains of unqualified leads that result in disappointment. 

It sounds cheesy, but this connection is a match made in Perla. These separated, isolated parties can finally reach each other directly. The result? More time to carry out functions that actually relate to their businesses.

Let Perla ease your healthcare organization’s pressure and help you fight burnout. Visit our website to learn more about our platform and to request a demo.

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