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This video shows how Perla Staff Credentialing feature works, generally

Even though self referral to DHS is prohibited, the Stark Law provides certain exceptions under which such referrals may be performed. To qualify for these exceptions, physicians must adhere to a number of complex legal and business structure requirements. One such exception is the “in-office ancillary services.”

Obtaining informed consent for conducting patient research is not only important to patient satisfaction, but also required by law. It is good practice to use an informed consent checklist to ensure all the required regulatory requirements related to informed consent is satisfied for each patient.

Use this Form to conduct an employee exit interview interview with any employee who severs ties with your healthcare practice.

Use this Policy to reduce the possibility of a PHI breach which can be a violation of HIPAA and state privacy rules and carry hefty fines.

Use this form to documenting what property/information of the practice/business has been given to and returned by the employees.

Use this Guide to navigate through the complex web of business, regulatory and ethical issues to avoid major issues such as patient abandonment.

This infographic represents an overview of the Office of Inspector General’s compliance guidance for physician practices.

This Guide has been organized to provide an overview of the anatomy of a typical physician employment agreement, each section listing the common provisions in and a summary of the purpose of the section. Use this guide to understand and think about different provisions of an employment agreement.

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