3 Ways to Stand Out as an Expert Healthcare Advisor

3 Ways to Stand Out as an Expert Healthcare Advisor

If you stand out to your prospective clients, you’ll be able to better serve their needs, have more consistent work, and have an overall positive impact on their operations. 

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Whether you’re at a law firm that specializes in healthcare representation or if you’re an accountant who loves working with medical clients—or anything in between—you’re already aware of the benefits that come from working within the medical industry. 

From the compensation to the rewarding nature of the work, there is plenty to enjoy. However, you’re also probably aware of the stressors that accompany the job. 

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is very stressed out right now. Jobs are in high demand, and there’s a LOT of important work to be done. This is why it’s so important for you to stand out as a healthcare advisor, so you can land work with healthcare entities and professionals who desperately need your help.

Here are 3 ways that you can stand out as an expert healthcare advisor to help make your presence known and to be sought after by prospects. 

Do Your Research 

To better develop your reputation as a healthcare advisor, you need to be very clear about what services you offer. This is important because it helps healthcare entities and professionals know right away if you’re a good match for them. 

However, knowing your true specialty might take some internal and external soul-searching. You’ll need to nail down your understanding of how you help clients, along with how your clients perceive the value you can provide them. 

If you can really hone in on what your skillset is, you’ll be able to deliver more value to your clients. For example, if you’re an accountant who’s best at working with single-practice OB-GYNs, you’d be wise not to try and take on a group practice of optometrists. 

In other words, know what you’re truly best at and keep aiming in that direction, especially with your advertising. You’ll want to make sure that your external image (what clients think of you) matches up with what you can really deliver for them. 

However, it should be noted that there are actually marketing tools specifically for healthcare advisors that match them up with healthcare businesses based on their specialities. 

Use Your Network

Obviously, a great way to stand out as a healthcare advisor is to get your name out there. The more faces you become familiar with, the more likely you are to be referred or contacted for repeat business. 

However, it’s important to remember that professional networking doesn’t have to be purely transactional. It is a good idea to keep in close contact with your professional colleagues even when you're not searching for a job so that you have someone to reach out to if you need help. 

Maintain your relationships with fellow advisors by regularly checking in on them to see their progress on career goals.

Ask about their education, experience, career path, and skills. Learning about how others started in this field can help you to make your own career decisions and avoid potential mistakes you might not have seen coming. Having this connection can also help you enter this field more easily.

For healthcare entities and professional network connections, be sure to maintain relationships that aren’t just about work opportunities, as mentioned before. If you can become a person they know and trust, then the “transactional” part of the networking relationship won’t feel so transactional when the time comes to hire you. It’s feel much more natural, authentic, and secure.  

Be sure to attend local and national conferences in your chosen medical specialty as well. These conferences give you ample opportunity to interact with professionals who have made it in the healthcare advising field and have an abundance of knowledge of how to succeed. They also help to connect you with healthcare professionals and entities who are seeking out the types of services you provide.

Implement New Technologies Like Perla That Help Match Consultants and Advisors with Healthcare Providers  

Having followed the previous advice of doing your specialty/market research and using your network, the next step you should take to stand out as a healthcare advisor is to become directly connected with the healthcare entities and professionals who need your services through Perla’s healthcare matching platform. 

Perla is a platform that connects healthcare advisors like you with healthcare businesses who are searching for your exact offerings. In other words, you’ll only receive qualified leads for your business. No more sending advertisements out that only result in wasted time, wasted budgets, and overall feelings of frustration. 

Here’s how it works. Advisors offer their services to users by creating highly detailed profiles that display their niches, services, and areas of expertise. Users seeking the services of expert advisors can search the Perla Advisor Network for free to find expert consultants like you who are well-versed in exactly what they need. Perla prioritizes specificity so the leads generated in user searches result in the best and most cost-effective matches.

To learn more about Perla’s matching system and see how it can help you stand out as a healthcare advisor, request a demo today

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