5 Skills Healthcare Advisors Should Have

5 Skills Healthcare Advisors Should Have

A Healthcare Advisor will take on the role of being the primary advocate for physicians in whatever needs they have, it can be legal, financial, consulting, etc. 

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No matter where you are from or how many years of experience you have, being a Healthcare Advisor can be challenging. Building a network and having relationships in the industry can take a lot of time on top of the sales and marketing efforts you might be doing on the side. 

Regardless, if you have the experience and knowledge to help physicians and other Healthcare Professionals you should have the opportunity to be able to network and work on meaningful projects with your target audience. 

So how do you create meaningful work and get hired as a healthcare advisor? First, it’s important to understand what a Healthcare Advisor actually is. 

What is a Healthcare Advisor? 

A Healthcare Advisor will take on the role of being the primary advocate for physicians in whatever needs they have, it can be legal, financial, consulting, etc. 

For that reason, there are several skills you should have to successfully provide the care and resources practices and Healthcare Professionals need. 

Here are the top 5 skills any Healthcare Advisor should have. 

Be an Expert Listener

Having strong communication skills is essential as an advisor as you need to be able to listen to your client, understand their concerns and be mindful of all the little details when determining the best solution. 

Being able to effectively communicate with your clients will allow you to build a more trusting relationship, and get your work done more efficiently and effectively. 

Reflect on your last conversation with a prospect. What was your listening to talking ratio? 

Experts recommend that 75% of your time should be spent listening and the remaining 25% talking. 

Be Knowledgeable of Medical Terminology

The medical field is a vast industry with basically its own language. It’s critical to have a good understanding of medical terminology so that you can properly and effectively communicate with your clients. 

Demonstrating that you are not only an expert in your area but also have a good understanding of the specificities of your client’s work will definitely help you build trust and credibility. It will also make it easier for you to understand what it really is that they need help with. 

Show Your Credibility

Healthcare executives are now increasingly thinking that their organizational interests are best served by retaining niche firms. 

For most hospitals that means working with a Healthcare Advisor that displays a deep understanding of their chosen field. It makes sense, people want to work with someone who understands what they do. 

Your marketing messages will really take shape when you combine your value proposition with facts about what separates you from others in your field. For example, maybe you have 30 years of experience as a healthcare consultant in your industry, or your team has extensive knowledge and expertise in a niche healthcare field.

Do you have examples of your success? Highlighting your results through case studies is one great way to prove to prospects that your words and your actions align. 

For example, if you were able to reduce a client’s billing costs by 20 percent, that’s a tangible stat to highlight for your potential customers. 

Of course, you can’t guarantee the same results for everyone, but it’s important nonetheless to communicate real-life stories of your successes. 

Build Your Network and Ask for Reviews

As the intimate nature of consulting requires a high degree of trust, many people tend to ask their friends, family, and colleagues for referrals to advisors. 

While Perla can’t replicate that kind of experience in marketing to medical professionals, it facilitates the next best thing: reviews from Healthcare Professionals who are Perla users.

If you’re a Perla user, whenever you finish working with a client, encourage them to set up a meeting with the Perla team to leave a detailed review on your profile. 

The Perla team asks users questions about their experience with advisors. Then, they create a professional draft of the review and post it on your profile. 

These reviews help future leads better understand what it’s like to work with you. As we can all attest to, as customers, we’ll take the word of another customer’s experience with a brand over what the brand claims about itself. We all do this every time we check the reviews section on an Amazon item or piece of clothing from an online store. 

Another benefit is that your prospects might be familiar with some of your past clients, prompting them to learn more about you.

Perla Can Help with Networking & Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

On top of the stresses of their daily work, there’s an increased sense of pressure on Healthcare Professionals when the time comes that they need an advisor. There’s also a lot of pressure on Advisors trying to fill up their world load and grow their business. 

Time is of the essence, and any time that can be saved for both parties is incredibly valuable. 

Perla bridges the divide between advisors and providers, allowing them to instantly see each other across the crowded digital landscape. 

Healthcare Professionals and entities can spend less of their valuable and limited time searching for support specialists, and healthcare advisors can avoid the pains of unqualified leads that result in disappointment. 

The result? More time to carry out functions that actually relate to their businesses.

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