How To Build a Perla Profile That Will Attract Clients

How to Build a Perla Profile That Will Attract Clients

Perla is a new B2B matching service that connects healthcare consultants to clients who need them. Here’s how to build a Perla profile that gets noticed in your marketing to medical professionals.

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If you’re a consultant or advisor experienced in the healthcare industry, you know the uphill battle in marketing to medical professionals and healthcare providers. One reason competition is steep is that doctors and healthcare executives are highly targeted by luxury brands, as well as other industry consultants. In addition, the internet is saturated with healthcare content targeting consumers, making it hard for healthcare professionals to find B2B content through organic search.

Amid this noise, you’ve probably found professional social media profiles are a great way to passively generate leads. They’re easy for potential clients to find and can even bolster your online presence enough to aid your outbound digital marketing efforts. When set up correctly, social media profiles showcase and promote your healthcare advisory services as well or more effectively than your business website. Still, channels like LinkedIn and Facebook have a wide audience, making it a challenge to stand out in the right way.

Fortunately, B2B healthcare consultants have a new channel to build a profile focused on marketing to medical professionals — one that doubles as a way for healthcare providers to find advisors without the distractions of online searches. Perla is a first-of-its-kind B2B matching website that connects vetted healthcare consultants to healthcare providers and businesses, at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

If you’ve already created a Perla profile, or are thinking about doing so, here’s how to build one that attracts perfect clients.

How Perla Works

To access the platform, healthcare professionals must be members of one of Perla’s affiliated healthcare associations or businesses, ensuring every lead you receive is in a position to hire you. Accessing the Perla platform is free for members of its affiliated associations or businesses. These users can search for advisors like you in several categories, such as healthcare law, healthcare finance and banking, healthcare accounting and appraisals, and healthcare practice management consulting. Users can view the advisor’s profile, licenses, and reviews, then email the advisor to set up a meeting.

Similarly, Perla vets advisors and consultants. To get started, you can submit an application to join the Perla Advisor Network, including your licenses and references. After approval, you create a profile with a biography, summary of services, location, and pricing details. Perla then allows you to specify which leads can match with you. For example, you can choose to only be matched with those seeking Medicare appeals. As Perla emails advisors about leads, advisors can check their dashboard to see details. Joining Perla is free for advisors with no subscription fees. Perla charges advisors only when they receive a lead or when users view their profile.

Building a Perla Profile That Stands Out

Outbound digital marketing to medical professionals is all about strategic targeting, the right messaging, and lots of trial and error. Unfortunately, many advisors find that being a great healthcare consultant doesn’t necessarily make you good at marketing.

Successful marketing requires you to either invest a lot of time and effort better spent serving your existing clients or hire an expensive agency. A passive lead-generating profile on Perla is an alternative to both these options, so you can showcase your skills to potential clients looking for consultants exactly like you.

Here’s what to keep in mind when creating your Perla profile.

Concentrate Your Service Focus

One of the biggest mistakes any consultant can make is to try to be everything to everyone. A clear niche allows you to build authority and gain momentum in a particular segment of the healthcare market. This is especially important on Perla, where users can see exactly what percentage of your expertise is geared toward each subcategory of consulting services. For example, if a doctor is looking for an attorney who focuses on healthcare employment, they are most likely to contact an advisor with the highest percentage of focus in that area. 

Write a Compelling Summary

This custom text section in your profile provides a chance to highlight your background, list your accomplishments, or communicate what sets you apart from your competitors — everything you can’t fully convey with a list of services.

People respond well to numbers, so try to form these points in terms of quantities, such as how many years of experience you have, or the number of clients you’ve served. Be sure to include keywords that will get readers’ attention, especially if they pertain to a niche you are targeting. For example, if most of your clients are Fortune 500 companies or specialize in oncology, mention this instead of depending on client name recognition. Above all else, remember to be concise.

Encourage Reviews

As the intimate nature of consulting requires a high degree of trust, many people tend to ask their friends, family, and colleagues for referrals to advisors. While Perla can’t replicate that kind of experience in marketing to medical professionals, it facilitates the next best thing: reviews from Perla users.

Whenever you finish working with a client, encourage them to set up a meeting with the Perla team to leave a detailed review on your profile. The Perla team asks users questions about their experience with advisors. Then, they draft the review and post it on your profile. These reviews help future leads better understand what it’s like to work with you. They may even be familiar with some of your past clients, prompting them to learn more about you.

Be Transparent and Confident

Another component of every advisor profile is the hourly rate. Being public about your price may be uncomfortable, but it plays an important role in potential clients’ hiring decisions. As a result, you may be tempted to lower your rate to avoid getting undercut by competition, underscoring the importance of writing a strong summary to justify your rate. Let your confidence in your skills guide how you shape your profile. This will help you land more clients who actually are the right fit for you, rather than trying to capture every lead that comes your way.  Although you’re not required to disclose your hourly rates, transparency will save you time by getting you the types of clients you want.

Perla is transforming the way healthcare consultants generate leads, providing a much-needed source of new clients and taking the pressure off your other efforts for marketing to medical professionals. Creating a profile on Perla automatically connects you to well-qualified leads looking for exactly what you offer. Become a Perla Advisor to see for yourself.

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