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"New business network my associates are learning about. Linked with some new cross-referral business partners - so a GREAT site for development and networking!"

Curtis J. Udell
President of Affirm Compliance

"Very professional 1st class service "

Brian Hall
CEO of Brian H. Hall & Associates

"The best B2B platform in Healthcare Consulting"

Farzad Enayati
CEO of Fenayati

"Perla will change how healthcare professionals find competent, vetted counsel/advice. Looking forward to using it."

Ali Hendi
President of Ali Hendi, MD, PC

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It is hard and time consuming to be an advisor and expert in the healthcare industry. Many advisors attend to marketing matters after normal business hours. Frustratingly, marketing is complex, costly, and can result in unqualified leads with long conversion cycles. Perla markets the services of its advisor network to healthcare businesses to generate qualified client leads which convert quickly. Join Perla to save time in marketing and the client acquisition process, so you can do what you really enjoy.

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Marketing that does not work is frustrating. Establish a consistent pipeline of qualified leads with Perla to bring efficiency to your client acquisition process. We qualify each lead with 10 quality parameters such as client budget, business size, authority to purchase, source, etc. and tell you the cost of the lead. No hidden fees. You can review, accept and purchase leads that help you succeed and meet your marketing budget.

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