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How do I get help?

To reach a representative please send us an email or call us at 202-800-5858, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST.

You may also find your answer in the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Advisor FAQs

How do I create an account?

To create a Perla account, click here. Register with a LinkedIn account and fill out each field in order to verify your information. Once verified, we will authorize you to access your dashboard and receive leads

What if I cannot locate my verification/activation email?

You will receive an activation email titled “Welcome to Perla”. Follow the link inside to finish the registration and approval process.

Didn’t receive an email? Check your spam folders to ensure the email is not being filtered. If it has not arrived, please send us an email at and provide your email and contact information. We will resend you another activation email.

How can I add or update my payment information?

A payment method is required to be on file in order to show your profile during the matching process to prospective healthcare professionals looking for your focus practice areas.

To add a credit card, edit your profile link on your account dashboard. Click add a credit card and provide your card’s information and billing address.

How do I contact Perla about billing issues?

If you have any questions about your invoice you can email

What fees are included on a Perla Invoice?

Perla invoice includes the total monthly cost of Per-Click Fees and Email Fees.

Matches: We will list you on matches without charge.

Per-Click Fee: We will charge you a Per-Click Fee when a User clicks to view your profile that has been matched to the User. The Per-Click Fee may change from time-to-time at the sole discretion of Perla. We will disclose to you the Per-Click Fee amount through the advisor dashboard under the “Payments” tab. You agree, and we maintain the right to make changes to these Per-Click Fees without first notifying you and at any time.

Email Fee: We will also charge you an Email Fee when a User sends you an email directly from the Perla Site after the user clicks to view your matched profile. The Email Fee may also change from time-to-time at the sole discretion of Perla. We will disclose to you the Email Fee through the advisor dashboard under the “Payments” tab. You agree, and we maintain the right to make changes to these Per-Email Fees without first notifying you and at any time.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, please send us an email with your request to cancel the account to the following email address:

Healthcare Professionals FAQs

Why should I work with an Advisor on Perla?

We have created an intelligent matching platform to focus on Healthcare. Our technology quickly identifies top matches for you. Whether you’re looking to review your employment agreement, filling a critical healthcare compliance requirement, seeking financing for your medical/dental office, or assembling a multidisciplinary team to help with healthcare billing issues, finding the right advisor can be challenging. With Perla, you’ll have access to the top advisors with experience and knowledge in the healthcare industry and healthcare regulations, vetted and verified by our team.

Our platform can help you find advisors to address your business issues with the best matches validated by client curated reviews, success scores, and detailed practice areas to help you hire with confidence. To be eligible for Perla’s verification process, advisors must provide business information, licenses status, malpractice insurance, professional recommendations and pass our research process in order to activate their account. Perla will help healthcare professionals and entities grow their businesses with trusted advisors.

At Perla we strive to provide a superior customer support experience for our users. If you have any questions about using Perla or working with your advisors, you can email and a member of our support team will be happy to help you.

How do I decide which Advisor to hire from the matching results?

Each advisor on the Perla platform has a detailed profile that highlights his/her work experience, practice area focus, hourly rate and licenses. Some advisors will have user rating and detailed reviews if they have already completed a project for a client on Perla.

If you are interested in an advisor but still need more information, you can send the advisor an email message through the Perla platform. You can ask questions and share some details of your project.

What should I expect from an Advisor after I sent an email?

You should expect to receive an email from the advisor after emailing the advisor through Perla. In the meantime, we suggest reviewing/emailing any suggested advisors, found under your matching results.

Healthcare Associations FAQs

How can I partner with Perla? offers partners and affiliates an easy path to implement Perla into their system and offer an easy way to their members to search for trusted advisors. Please contact us to discuss further at

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